Tuesday, December 31

Toast - to end and to welcome what it is to come.

Now the time comes to bid goodbye to another year and to look forward to the next. I have to admit, it wasn't really a good year but it wasn't bad either. But looking back, I'm still grateful to have finally survive a year full of bullcrap.

To be honest, there's nothing to write about. There's nothing to brag about. My 2013 went like a blur and I'm really relieved to know that it's going to be over in a matter of hours. I may have done wrong decisions and have been too careless, I'm still happy that I get another year to make up for the things I lost. And really, I have a lot of things to be thankful for. 

I know.. I don't want you to think that I'm being oh so dramatic with this one being all pessimistic and all that. I'm just stating a fact. Well anyway, I'll try... 

I thank God with so much blessings that I received this year. So many opportunities.. I know I have wasted some but I'm somehow contented with the life I'm living. 

I've very thankful for still having the sanity and maturity to do things. I know I've been so mean and insensitive with my body (with all that work and partying) glad I didn't have much sickness worse than having Dengue last January. I'm very thankful that my family has been healthy and in good shape.  
My career... it was great actually. Quitting last year was the best thing I did and I have no regrets. A fresh start is what I need. When I signed up for Solaire I know it wasn't going to be easy. I know I have to deal with a lot of stress and I was right. I'm in too much stress right now. Working 9 hours a day, 6 times a week on a shifting schedule can do a lot of things to you. I still have perks though. My love for anything with Pasta grew when I started working in an Italian Restaurant. and yeah.. who doesn't love Italian??? The pasta, and all that cheese and cold cuts.. yum!yum! Oh! and I get to know a lot of things while working here. (Restaurant management, customer service, making bola bola with your boss) Because of what I do, I met a lot of great people and the not so great ones. (I'm not complaining) I met people I can trust my whole life with and there are some I shouldn't have. But it's alright.. It happens. I'm thankful that I get to meet those people. They make my life interesting. Frankly, I don't know how long will I last here. There are times that I want to quit simply because I'm too tired to deal with the same shit everyday but because it pays good money, I reconsider. But I think I can still hold on. Ask me after 6 months, maybe I'll have a different answer. 12 months working in the Food and Beverage Industry is really really hard I must admit. I miss my work at the airport actually. But sometimes you've got to think about the money. They're right when they say you should find a job you love, maybe I haven't found the one for me yet. 

I know I've been working too hard and failed to get in touch with my friends. I am really sorry. But this how it is for me. I work, I go home, I sleep and I go to work the next day. I know I always say that I don't have a social life anymore it's because working is what I love to do. Yeah, it's not going to hurt if I go out once a week to meet up with some old friends. It's just that... I'm too tired to see them anymore. With that, I am very sorry. I don't want to promise that I will make time for you because I said that the last time and it went worse. If we don't talk doesn't mean I don't think of you. I wish you well and I know we'll have time to catch up. I'm just too lazy to bother. 

I'm not really sure but I do hope that my parents are proud of me. I know I'm still living under their roof for the past 25 years. I do want to be independent but with the money I'm earning, nevermind. I hope their proud that I don't ask money from them anymore and I'm being mature enough to make my own decisions. I love my parents and that's my way to show how much I do. I have my own way of showing it though. I'm thankful that they're in good health and in good relationship. and that's my wish for the years to come. 

Being with Jeff for the past 3 years was a rollercoaster. We had love and some misadventures but that didn't change the fact that we're crazy about each other. I thank god for giving such patient man to endure me. I know I have been a pain in the ass for the past 12 months and I can't promise that I won't be in the next (joke lang bibi) But I assure, I will be better. After all, 2014 is going to be our year right, baby? :)  I love him very much and I am very very grateful that I get to spend the remaining of my days with him. That I get the chance to be happy. Enough of the drama. 

Time to leave the past as a new door of opportunity opens. Who knows? Maybe I'll win the lottery next year. So here's my middle finger for 2013. You didn't break me! haha! 2014 is the year to be reckon with. THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR.