Tuesday, January 31


It's around 9:30 in the evening. I'm drinking to force my body to sleep. I'm up for a week of morning shift  starting tomorrow. It's the last day of January. Tomorrow I'd have to wallow for the fact that my boyfriend's not gonna be here on V-day. But that's okay. If I can find someone to go out with. Of course I ain't doing that. 

I'm supposed to pass my resignation letter weeks ago but some of my colleagues at work is resigning as well, being a good employee, I decided to delay the parting not to make the transition difficult. (I know I'm not making any sense here.) 

There are time that I just want to go out of the city somewhere really far away... I just don't want to think. I want to clear my mind. I don't want to think of work, of how am I going to earn money to save up for my US trip, my not to long engagement with my boyfriend of one year and 4 months, my plans of living in another country. I just want to get out of all the stress. Oh how I wish I can do that. I just want to be with someone who's not going to be so judgmental. I want that person to listen. just listen. I don't need any opinions I know what to do. I know what I want in life. I just need someone. 

I don't have any problems. I just complicated things. that's what I'm good at. 

there. I've said everything. for now. 

Tuesday, January 24


Yesterday was our 16th month. If you're counting year it'll not count. let me do this post anyways. I'm trying to put into words how much I feel for this guy. He still loves me more than I love him. Unfortunately, he's still crazy and a pain in the butt sometimes. But I adore him to bits. 

Yesterday was the same as always. We spent time online talking about anything and everything. I remember we talked about Lapu-Lapu and Magellan. That's one think I like about Us, we can talk and talk all day everyday and never get tired of each other. We talked about our plans in the future. Something we're not sure of. (heck, we need spontaneity here. that should give spice to everything)

It was a normal day but knowing that we're still together after all this time despite the distance, it was hella good. :) 

Bibi, Thank you. please don't get tired of me. 

Bibi gerl.  

Monday, January 23

Maybe life will be a little different if I haven't met you at all. That all of these will never exist... that I don't have to be confuse. I've got a lot of things going in my head. You screw things up and you're not even aware of it. I wish I could tell you everything. Maybe in another life. 

We'll always have this. 

Sunday, January 1

and now.... the end is near? nah.

Before this year ends, i'd like to look back on everything that took place this year. I have this need to acknowledge everything and everyone that made this year awesome and exciting.
I came so fast. I didn't even realize that it's almost Christmas and another year is right around the corner. so let me have this opportunity to have my say on some things.

I thank the Lord for giving me this year full of opportunities and trials. If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't be here. For all the blessings He bestowed on me and my family and my loved ones... thank you. To God be the glory!

To my friends for being there. I know ... I know ... I lack social life and I rarely hang out with you guys. I just realized, we're indeed getting older. Grown ups don't go out with their friends anymore. the just work. It's just me.. i am getting older. I know I don't have the time to see you. I hope that you understand that I prefer sleeping than drinking. hehe. I know that I get to talk to you on Twitter, Facebook or through SMS. I know I ditched a lot of night outs with you. I'm sorry. I don't promise that i'll be different next year, that I will go out with you guys. haha. Because I won't. But I will try. Alam niyo naman ako.. masyadong seryoso sa buhay. nagpapayaman. I hope the best for all of you and your families. Nawa'y tayong lahat ay yumaman.

To my family, Ma, Pa, Thank you for giving me money to gas up Elmo every week though you make me feel bad every Sundays. You know what I mean. For getting me free food everytime you guys go out. (kahit sapilitan yun) i know I can't get to be with you because of work. (I know I always blame work) Sorry I don't get to give you gifts this Yule. Saka nalang kapag I earn dollars. ;) I love you guys.

To my work: YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A BITCH SOMETIMES. I hate delays, miscons, hotacs, irate pax, offloaded, yung mga pasaherong maaasim na wala naman sa lugar. You can be really unfair. But thanks to you I get to have a new experince, new friends, horrible and not-so horibble bosses. Thank you for making me feel the joy of getting the money you've worked for so hard in the ATM machine. The joy of getting free food during delays (Aglio Olio + Buffalo wings + Pumpkin soup yum! yum!)

To my one and only: Words aren't really enough. I will make this short but sweet. You're by far the best has yet to come. and I thank you for being there despite the distance. I know somehow we'll get through this like we always do. I love you.