Tuesday, November 29

So I'm watching you on Facetime on mute.

I've been over thinking this past few days. Been making myself miserable because I miss him terribly. I think i'm growing tired of this long distance thing. That I want to do something other than to wait. I cannot wait any longer. I know I'm being a bitch for being so demanding. I know I'm not the only one who's having a hard time. But I don't care. This is what I feel. 

The deal was to wait for a year. It's been 5 months now. 

Patience Yeng! You can do this! 

Tuesday, November 15

I tried.

I want to make use of this time to tell how much you mean to me. I have to blame the weather. The rain reminded me of the two months you were here. The time we spend the day in your room listening to the rain talking about our plans for the next day. Made me wished that I was back to the time when I can still punch you when you're being your normal self, crazy.

Monday, November 14

It's here!

His mom arrived yesterday with the goodies I asked from him and his gift for our anniversary two months ago. He's kept on apologizing for not getting me the gift I want. But I loved it! I could used a new bag you know. You don't know how much I love designer bags. hehe.

So now I'm preparing for my gift for him. His mom's staying here for three weeks. That's enough time for me to get everything ready.

He said, wait for the Christmas gift.