Tuesday, September 27

On a rainy Tuesday.

It's really sad when someone's special tells you you're not listening when you've given so much effort to do so. I mean, come on, you wanted to be the perfect friend/lover/whatever you can put here and all he/she tells you is "fine, if you don't want to listen to me" 

Things will be a lot more easier if I'm 3 meters away so I can give that person a hug just to make him/her feel that I've been with him/her all along. But no, this distance suck. I can't do anything. All I have are words hoping he'll understand. That somehow he'll realize that yes, I'm just there.

Honestly, I never left. I always listened.

Monday, September 26


I'm stuck here at home because it's raining. How can I make most of my day off on times like these? :( I'm talking to bb who's in his friends how gulping on Corona and what's that I see there.... is that Kimchi?! (.....kill me nao)

I'm thinking of going to Izakaya Kikufuji. That's in Little Tokyo along Pasong Tamo, in Makati. That's one of the best Japanese Restaurant I've been to this year. (only second to Kimpura in Greenbelt 5) It's a cozy little place in a city like Makati. Friendly staff. First time I went there was with the family one Sunday afternoon. the place was jampacked. After our meal, I realized why. It was delish! Here's one of my favorite dish in the place.

It's Uni - Ikura Don. (Sea Urchin - Salmon Roe Rice topping)
I just can't get enough. Every time We're in this place, it's definitely in my order list! 1000 pesos is more than enough for two. Best place to bring someone who's in love with Japan's delectable cuisine.

Next on my list, is Maru Korean Restaurant in HK Sun Plaza, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd in 
Pasay. They have one recently opened in Robinson's Manila. The only Korean food that I'm familiar with is the Kimchi. That's until I went to Maru with Mom nearly 2 years ago. And this is where we celebrated my Graduation Lunch last year.

My ultimate favorite: Yukhoe Bibimbap. and Spicy Beancurd Soup.                                                                                                          

Now I'm stuck at home. Craving. UGH. 

Friday, September 23

Year One.

So we're celebrating our first year. I really can't say together.. but it's fine with me. I sent him a letter last week. It should be there by now. It's 8:30 PM in Manila. 5:30 AM in California. He was drunk with friends the other night. I wonder if he'll pick up my call. 

I'm very thankful. The moment I stepped out of his room, I know it'll never be the same again. The moment I realized that it's not just a "one-week-you'll-forget-me", I know my life will turn into something crazy, sappy and insane. But the heck.. at least I am happy. =) I'm very thankful he was able to put up with my insanity for 365(?) days. I still have no idea how he did that. I just hope he'll be the same for the next X number of days we are going to have. 

Monday, September 19

I miss you.

Turning a year in the next four days. too bad we can't spend like most couples do. Well, at least I'm sure I'm going to spend the remaining days with him. *sigh.

It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. 

Tuesday, September 13

First Anniversary.

It's on the 23rd and I still haven't decided what to give him.

I only have 2000 worth of saving and I'm really planning to give him something precious. But with that little amount of money, how can I possibly get him something close to precious?

I don't want to settle with handwritten letter 'cause I've been sending him letters since then. I want to make this special. ugh. Now I feel bad having a job that gives you less than 10k a month. He's not really expecting for something but I wanna surprise him.


Tuesday, September 6

About her:

Born on June, a Gemini.
Currently living with her parents and have no plans of moving out until ... whatever happens next.
Works in a Italian Restaurant somewhere over the rainbow.
Dreams of travelling the world.
Absolutely adores anything Japanese and Italian.
She loves cats and kyot litol babies.
She thinks music is the answer to all her problems.
Frustrated chef.
She likes cold places like San Francisco, Tagaytay and her bedroom.
Likes to sleep. a lot.

She's boring. you've been warned.


It's been a year since I got all excited for my US trip. I feel like I want to do it all over again. Maybe it's true that I have a lust for traveling. So much that I don't care how much money I got as long as I get to where I wanna be. Well actually, the only thing that stops me is my job and my salary. With the money I'm making, I won't be able to save for a plane ticket going to SFO.

He promised me a Europe trip once we get together. OMG OMG OMG. Paris. I've always wanted to go to Paris. Winter is the best time to go there. February. oh, yes. We both have a thing for travelling. another reason why we get along with each other. Though sometimes we fight because of road directions. but OMG OMG OMG. PARIS?!

Monday, September 5

This is really it.

It has been decided. I'll be leaving on December. I won't even be around to celebrate Christmas with my family just like how I used to. I'll be packing my bags and head to a place I've longed for such a long time. At first it was exciting. But as the days pass, I grew anxious, nervous and I panic. Not because I don't want to go. I just don't have any idea of what's in store for me.

I know he'll be there to support and guide to my new life. But... but... I've never been so far away from my family for so long.

the heck. I'm just paranoid.

Sunday, September 4


Now I feel bad for not seeing Incubus last July. He's going to see them with his friends on October. They'll be playing on Sunnyvale on October 9th.


nagiinarte lang ako.
dapat ako ang kasama niya e..

Thursday, September 1

Who wouldn't say yes to this?

It's not the same.

Went to meet with a Highschool friend, Dan and his girlfriend, Denise last night at Makati. It was a rainy night good thing I brought an umbrella. Left the car at home because I'm on coding.

I was waiting for them for 30 minutes. It was fine until I realized that I'm all alone and the last time I was there I was with Him. Everywhere I look there's always a memory of us together. Now I realized that he's someone so far away and I'm here stuck, waiting.

yuck. emo ko.

I hate surprises.

If you're gonna surprise me just don't tell me you're going to. I don't like the feeling all excited for something I don't know. I hate feeling all giddy for something I don't know what.

So I have to wait for 2 years for that surprise? Whut??!!

I hope it's a Tiffany.