Sunday, September 23

A slight change.

For the reason I wanted to make my page a lot more personal, I got myself an online signature from Actually I found the site a week ago. Thought they gonna charge you for your sign, so I bailed on the idea. after reading more thoroughly, I got it. hehehe. (I was a bit in a rush that day)

Well anyway... here it is. =)

Saturday, September 15

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I'm Bella from the Twilight books. I told you it's crazy.

I'm in the verge of taking the car keys and go out. I'm having a mental struggle. I don't know what to do.

I am so confuse.

Thursday, September 13

Still holding on. :)

Ten more days. I'm pretty excited. :) Oh by the way, did I mention that he's my longest relationship? Well, isn't it obvious? (LOL) but seriously, he is. One year and eight months was the second longest. But enough about that! Let's talk about "the day".

We really don't have plans yet but I'm pretty sure we would end up drinking and chatting over FaceTime like we always do on special occasions. There not much to do. Maybe I'll just come up with something just for a change. I can check some LDR forums on the Internet just to give some ideas. Oh, I totally forgot. I was planning to send him a card. Maybe I'll just drop by the mall to get him something. Well, I wanted to give him something special. It's our second anniversary anyway. Maybe some of my lingerie? Err no.

I feel fine. The crying totally stopped. I still miss him and its just natural for me to feel that way. Good thing Apple came up with FaceTime. I hated how slow Skype is. Though we used Skype and Ymessenger before. I wonder how couple handled everything way back when there's no Internet or telephone yet? Do they exchange dirty talks on the mail? Wow. That would be very weird.

He's still sleeping. It's around eight in the morning. I should wake him up anytime soon. He needs to study.

Tuesday, September 11

A Day In The Life: Renewing a Philippine Driver's License (Part 2)

...and this is it.

The Miss bibo-kid in me reigned so I was able to wake up early today. 7am is early for me so don't argue. So there I was running late. I wanted to get to the office at 8 in the morning, I don't wanna fall in line plus, I haven't got any breakfast yet. I arrived in the Renewal Center (or whatever you call that place) at around 8:30. Like what I read yesterday, You need to fill out a form then to the drug testing. pay the fee... blah... blah... There's a line, Like 5 people before me. It was swift actually. It wasn't so bad until it's my turn for my urine sample. Not being a fan of water and other fluids, I wasn't able to fill the bottle! That's fine I guess. But I had to get myself a 20 pesos worth of water that they sell on the site. (Why not free? boo.) I had to wait another 30minutes just to pee. Well, during the wait, I had medical so that's okay. I think I lost about 30mins of my waiting time. After I got all the documents I needed, I went immediately to LTO. It took me less than an hour to process my actual license. (a round of applause please) Everything took and hour and a half which is great.

I'm kinda disappointed with my picture though. I'm like making pa-cute. So I have to wait another three years to get this replaced.

and since I finished early, I met up with my mom to have our hair colored. I chose the red violet just because. I'm having a weird phase and I want anything red. I have no idea if it's going to look good on me so just figure it out.

I still look normal though. I need a new webcam. =)

And I got new books too! I saw this Star Wars book at Booksale and remembered my boyfriend loves Star Wars. He's not really a fan of books but maybe he'll consider reading this one. I haven't really started reading it. Apparently, this one is the continuation of the final installment of the series: The Return of the Jedi. and I got the first volume. I hope I can find the next one. Been planning to collect Star Wars novels. A good investment I guess. :) The Vagina Monologues. Yes, I've been wanting to watch the broadway they had here before but I've got no time. When I stumbled on this book earlier, I couldn't get my eyes off it. I needed to buy it. Reading it right now and I must say, it's very enlightening. =)

So there. I guess, I've got to go back on my reading now.

Monday, September 10

A day in the life: Renewing a Philippine Driver's License.

Today I wished I'm living in the US. I found out that a month before your license expires, they will send you through mail a copy of your driver's license. No need to go to your nearest DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) wait in line... If there's one. DMV is LTO (Land Transportation Office) in the Philippines. It's very convenient for busy people like me who spends their life lounging in the couch and watching cooking shows. But seriously, I wish I was living in the States.

Going back, last night I was in the net trying to find out where the nearest Renewing office in the Muntinlupa Area. I found out that there's two. One near SM Muntinlupa and the other at ATC. I figured out that I can go to ATC since I'm going to have my film rolls developed too. I also search the to dos and what to bring. I need my old license with the original receipt, I also have to undergo another drug testing and an extra government issue ID... Just in case. How the thing works is exactly in this order. You go and fill up the LTO form, get drug tested, have your picture taken, pay the fee and the penalties if you have one. In my case, I have to pay extra since my license is expired since June. And then, you wait until your new license is released. Simple huh? But the problem is... The queue you have to be in when you get there. And pray that their computer's not down. Or else.

I wanted to go early in the morning to get first in the line but I woke up at 10:30 AM. There goes my plan. I'm not a morning person, you know.

So I shall try again tomorrow.

What's worse than getting a long line in a Government office? It's waking up really late.