Tuesday, October 1

Getting inked.

My plans of going to Dutdutan 2013 was ruined by rain and traffic. Well, I'm feeling lazy that day too so... 

Part of the boyfriend's itinerary is to get a tattoo. He likes to have a koi fish tattoo in his forearm. I do have plans of getting one but I'm still not sure where to put it and I'm still scouting for good artists for a reasonable price. I do have some artist in mind though. It's still for next year anyway so I'm not rushing. Still looking for good designs. 

And the waiting has begun.

Few weeks back I've been busy with ze boyfriend about his plans of going here to visit. Can you imagine my excitement? I haven't seen the guy for a year and a half so this meeting has to be puurrfect. We've been planning this vacation for so long but since he just started a new job, he can't get a vacation right away. 

February 2014 it is. 

He's taking a two week vacation from work to go here. And I'm currently preparing the itinerary. There's so much to do but so little time. I wish he could've planned to stay longer... But we have future plans (about me moving there and all that shiz) I'm also in charge of the budget... (Maybe I can over budget to get that Prada bag... Hmmmm) 

I am really really really excited.