Saturday, August 27

You are one brave kitty cat!

This cat got stuck under my car for 12 +++ hours. This morning on my way to work, I heard it meow meow-ing. Well, i tried to get it out but I can't find it. I was going on a 120kph in Skyway and I hear her/him meowing. I thought I killed it when I stopped hearing her cries. It was an exhausting day at work. Our Hong Kong to New York flight got cancelled due to hurricane Irene and passengers went ape shit on me. After my shift, on my way home, I heard it again. I had to stopped by a gasoline station to ask for help to get it out. She's one angry kitty this cat. But at least I manage to get her out safely. now I think she's gulping on her milk. It was a long rainy day and I still have no idea how she survived there without water or something. But I'm glad she's okay.

Still thinking of a name for this cat though.

that's it... i guess.

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