Monday, October 3

"I told you, I''m not that girl anymore."

It was a rough ride. I got kicked out of college, had a series of black outs because of alcohol. Had pseudo-relationship with several guys in a course of 3 years and another 2 after a year long relationship. Been to the wrong group of friends. got high with drugs and more alcohol. Sex was another thing. I cared less for school. all I want to do is have a good time. To forget my problems I swam in pool of beer and tequila. I was awesome for several months. It was a need after that.

Everything was going well after college until I met someone. 2 years alone, and someone tells me I'm really special, now that's something! I believed him and soon realized that it was all sugar-coated lies. I swallowed my pride and ignored them all... all because I "love" him. I was that stupid. I know. hahaha! to the extent of travelling thousands of miles.

And it was the end of it.

I think I'm not that stupid anymore.

I have to thank him for all of that. And hope he's not one of those guys. I have a good feeling he's not.

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