Tuesday, October 25

Let's talk about my job, shall we...?

I'm working at the airport since February of this year. And I have a love-hate relationship with it. I was a frustrated pre-med student. I have a dead cat named, Paula and I ditched that course and took Tourism instead. It took me three years to finish that degree and I must say, no-brainer. LOL. I kid you not, it's easier to memorize the capitals of other countries than to memorize the anatomy of my neighbor's pet turtle. (yes, they have one.) 

Well, anyway. my job is simple, you go on time. Make sure the passengers get into their flight on time, that's basically it. i work in the ticket office so less hassle. except when we have delayed flights. We're not allowed to go home until the last plane goes airborne. :( Since it's all about office work, we take calls, make sure the every paper is in the right folder/file/drawer/box/. We make sure our supervisors are happy. so yeah. It's fun and at the same time exhausting. We get to meet different kinds of passengers as well, we have the MPOs (frequent flyers), the smart ones, the first timers, yung mga sabaw, the maasims, basically every one. 

here's one conversation with a passenger. 

Lady: (comes forward with her ticket on hand) 
Me: sige ma'am... ano pong gagawin natin?
Lady: Ma'am magpapa-stewardess po ako. 
Me: (stuck up) huh? magpapa-stewardess po? 
Lady: opo. 
Me: (stuck up parin) baka po gusto niyong magpa-STANDBY LIST. 
Lady: hindi po. STEW-WAR-DESS po. 
Me: (really confused) 

it went on and on. only to realized that she need a ground steward to assist her for her flight. She's a young passenger travelling alone. :/

so that's a day in the office I guess. 

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