Monday, February 13

Happy Hearts!

I will try not to be all bitter in the entry since I'm a bitch when it's Valentine's.

Went to out to get Milk Tea and some Japanese goodies. I do this every week when I don't have work. I guess that's the only time I can go out of the house without thinking anything but food. It's raining but I didn't mind. I had to go out. Just what I expected, Red, Flowers, Couples, - just great. Not being bitter. I just miss the boyfriend. I hope he'll send me some flowers or something. I want lilies.

found the card I've been planning to send him next week. I've been too busy that I forgot to send him a card. 23rd is coming anyway..

I wanted to go out tomorrow. Maybe some movie after dinner. but the heck. I'm positive that I'll be spending it with beer, cholesterol while playing Temple Run on my ipod.


I've been getting weird messages in Facebook from this guy I met a year ago. We got acquainted when I stayed in Naga with some family friends. He's almost the same age as my mother!  ewww. ewww. ewww. Wanted to block him. one more message.

Hope everyone will enjoy their day tomorrow.

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