Saturday, April 28


Been staying here for a month now. I'm not really sure how long I'm staying here. If the plans push through, I'll be home ASAP. I miss home actually. I miss work, I miss my friends, my family. I can always go out to the mall whenever I wanted to. Here, I have to ask the boyfriend to drive me to the nearest Wal-mart store just to get shampoo. And that sari-sari store near my house where I can get cigarette by the stick.

Life here is really different. Maybe I'm just homesick. I'm not used to being alone in the house every afternoon. The house is dead quiet in the midday. you have to cook your own meals if you're hungry. you do you're own laundry, you have to clean after yourself. you're on your own when you're in the US.

i really miss home.

so what's up? currently having a vacation. i'm jobless, almost out of money but I'm fine. The father sent me a hefty amount of money not for me but to get things for him and the family. They're not aware that I'm not going home with the stuffs though. I'll sent it via cargo. I wonder what will happen next.

mygahd. i am not in the mood. fuck that shit.

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