Tuesday, July 24

Twenty - Second.

If you try to count monthly, today is our 22nd month together. and my 4th month here. Next month will be the last. I know I shouldn't be getting sad, but every time that day comes close, I get a very very sad feeling. I really don't know what will I do without him. I mean, I got really used to with him around all the time.


We may have petty fights all the time, he may annoy me most times, but I know I will miss every ounce of it. Do I really have to go? I love every inch of it. He may be fat, and crazy. But he's my fat and crazy.

I guess it's gonna be back to normal in a few days. It's gonna be hard once again. But I will try and I won't stop. I'll be strong. Wait for me, baby. When that time comes, I'll be yours... finally. :)

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