Tuesday, April 23

Four months and counting.

The last time it was the end of 2012. Time flies so fast and I didn't even notice that my probation at work is almost over. You may ask me how's working in a casino- hotel? I would really happy to tell you that's it's much better to drink til 3AM in the slot machine than to stay up until 2 AM smiling and greeting your guests Buon Giorno. It takes a lot of getting used to actually. At first I would end up teary eyed after every shift because of wearing 3 - inch heels for 9 hours ++. (After months of complaining the management decided to allow us to wear 1 - inch heels.) I can now fulfill the duties of an average receptionist in a fine dining setting. (at least I thought I was) and I am developing a love for Italian food. I do love the cuisine. But this time, it's love. 

I'm kinda sleeping now so many I'll cut it from here. I could update this anytime anyway because I gots myself a new and improved Netbook. (That's what they call Laptops now right?)

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