Friday, April 26

I'm not a bitch. but I killed you in my head so many times.

I'm not very hard to deal with. In fact, it's me who is having a hard time relating to other people. Maybe it's me being passive and negative and somehow perfectionist nature that makes people intimidated by my presence. (I am making no sense here) If you get to know me, I'm a generally happy person who loves to talk and tell stories about my life on how messed up my love life is. In short, I'm nice. really.

But there's one thing that pisses me off. You may call it a pet peeve. Basta, it is something I really hate and would ruin my day even if you give me Finestra's Veal Cutlet Milanese. You know what that is? As shallow as it may get... I hate dumb people. You would like them anyway? People who do not use their brain. Not even half of it. People who asks questions not even bothering if it's even a right question. I know... I know... It's not bad to ask questions. Why would you even ask something you already know? Common Sense. That's something people around these days don't use. I can forgive Filipino drivers who do not use their signal lights when turning... (But really, that pisses me off too)

Alright enough.

Today was a god/bad/fine/fucked up/alright day for me. I'm hanging on.

Okay.. I have to call the boyfriend now.

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