Tuesday, October 1

And the waiting has begun.

Few weeks back I've been busy with ze boyfriend about his plans of going here to visit. Can you imagine my excitement? I haven't seen the guy for a year and a half so this meeting has to be puurrfect. We've been planning this vacation for so long but since he just started a new job, he can't get a vacation right away. 

February 2014 it is. 

He's taking a two week vacation from work to go here. And I'm currently preparing the itinerary. There's so much to do but so little time. I wish he could've planned to stay longer... But we have future plans (about me moving there and all that shiz) I'm also in charge of the budget... (Maybe I can over budget to get that Prada bag... Hmmmm) 

I am really really really excited. 

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