Friday, August 26


I'm here at the office. Thinking if I should be eating this ham and egg sandwich on my worktable.

I know I can't 'cause we're not alllowed to do it here. It's early in the morning and I still need sleep. Slept really late last night like around 1am. my work is at 6. Travel from my house to work is roughly 40 minutes. ugh. I feel so sleepy.

I miss my bed, my Hello Kitty pillow. (i should be eating right now) i don't feel so good. I think i'm getting a heart burn. Its too quiet all I hear is the sound of the printers and the big cooling thing in front of me. I'm waiting for something amazing to happen. like a day with no passengers. I hope no one goes here. I hope everything will be just fine. No offloaded, no expired tickets. everything going very smoothly.

I wish I can take the next flight to HKG and then SFO. I hope I don't have problems paying for it. I wish money is not the issue here. I hope that's easy. But its not.

*i wish I was filthy rich*

-this is me really bored.

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