Thursday, August 25

On Career.


let me ramble about my job this time.

i work 5 days a week. 10 hours a day. We have 3 kinds of shift at work. i prefer the PM shift 'cause I get more time to sleep. I have 2 days of restday. enough for me to sleep and eat like a pig. Oh btw, I work at the airport. you know, those people you see there in uniforms. yes, i'm one of them.

It was my 6th month there. I can say i'm getting the hang of it but sometimes thing gets so complicated, that I get panic attacks and I hyperventilate. (ohkaay.. I'm just kidding on the hyperventilating part.) I met good friends so I'm pretty much having fun. My bosses are great though some of them I'm pretty sure you'll never like but you'll get along with them as long as you know how to. The learning's endless. Everyday i learn new things. That's how often i made mistakes. because that's how it works in the office. you do things on your own. no one helps you by making errors, you learn. well, that's how it is for me.

But I wanted more.

sad to say that i ain't making a lot in this job. that I wanted to move to another because of the pay. I want things, I want to buy thing for myself but my job won't let me. In short, i need to look for a new job. the problem is where?

Well, i have a plan. To move. to get to another place. maybe that will do the trick. Let see, maybe that's what i'm looking for.

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