Wednesday, August 24


This is me making use of my free time. In front of the computer. Thinking. trying to name these emotions.

I'm probably hungry. I had chicken for dinner. It's not enough. I should eat more.

Waiting for Him to wake up. 7:51AM in California. still early for someone who sleeps so late at night. I shouldn't wake Him. He needs sleep.

I'm telling you a story...

(perfect... Moon River on the background)

I always thought my love life nonexistent. I wouldn't say that i'm unattractive. Well, I'm pretty sure I am. you judge. But there are a lot of times that I fell for the wrong guy. or maybe it was the other way around. To cope, I tried changing. you know... the way i dress, the way I talk to people.. i thought that would help me get the guy I wanted. yeah.. yeah. I know. (I was that desperate I know.)

But then I met this guy.

He's the opposite of all the jerks/assholes/bastards I met. don't believe me? it's okay. This is me being biased. Well, at least I thought He is. He's very irritating but sweet. Smart, not so handsome but presentable, For me He's the perfect guy to introduce to your parents.

The only problem is... He's living on the other side of the globe! 7,000++ miles, a 12-hour plane ride. Now you're asking how i manage to keep my sanity? Beats me...

Probably I'm just as crazy in love as he is.

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