Monday, September 26


I'm stuck here at home because it's raining. How can I make most of my day off on times like these? :( I'm talking to bb who's in his friends how gulping on Corona and what's that I see there.... is that Kimchi?! (.....kill me nao)

I'm thinking of going to Izakaya Kikufuji. That's in Little Tokyo along Pasong Tamo, in Makati. That's one of the best Japanese Restaurant I've been to this year. (only second to Kimpura in Greenbelt 5) It's a cozy little place in a city like Makati. Friendly staff. First time I went there was with the family one Sunday afternoon. the place was jampacked. After our meal, I realized why. It was delish! Here's one of my favorite dish in the place.

It's Uni - Ikura Don. (Sea Urchin - Salmon Roe Rice topping)
I just can't get enough. Every time We're in this place, it's definitely in my order list! 1000 pesos is more than enough for two. Best place to bring someone who's in love with Japan's delectable cuisine.

Next on my list, is Maru Korean Restaurant in HK Sun Plaza, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd in 
Pasay. They have one recently opened in Robinson's Manila. The only Korean food that I'm familiar with is the Kimchi. That's until I went to Maru with Mom nearly 2 years ago. And this is where we celebrated my Graduation Lunch last year.

My ultimate favorite: Yukhoe Bibimbap. and Spicy Beancurd Soup.                                                                                                          

Now I'm stuck at home. Craving. UGH. 

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