Friday, September 23

Year One.

So we're celebrating our first year. I really can't say together.. but it's fine with me. I sent him a letter last week. It should be there by now. It's 8:30 PM in Manila. 5:30 AM in California. He was drunk with friends the other night. I wonder if he'll pick up my call. 

I'm very thankful. The moment I stepped out of his room, I know it'll never be the same again. The moment I realized that it's not just a "one-week-you'll-forget-me", I know my life will turn into something crazy, sappy and insane. But the heck.. at least I am happy. =) I'm very thankful he was able to put up with my insanity for 365(?) days. I still have no idea how he did that. I just hope he'll be the same for the next X number of days we are going to have. 

Us together, crazy. There are times that I don't want it anymore. But the thought of not having him around, makes the world a whole lot a stranger. Now I can't imagine my life before he came to the picture. He's not just a lover, he's my best friend, my partner in crime. He probably knows me more than I know myself. He can save me from myself. (cheesy!)

I miss him everyday. I count the days. I'm itching to get a plane to San Francisco. I can't wait to squeeze him. You guys don't know how much I wanted to hurt him. *wapisssh!* I know it's going to be very soon. I can feel it. 

Bibi.. If you're reading this. (which I know you won't) I just want you to know how amazing you are. Kahit masakit ka sa ulo kase sobrang kulit mo, I love you to bits. I admit, a lot has changed. prolly because I'm getting older. (haha!) I will never ask you to change, because I know you won't. and if ever you did, I won't mind, I love from your toes to yer face, so you better scrub your feet. (ewwwwww) I don't care if you change. I'd still love you. (except for... your sometimes lousy fashion sense.) I'll always be your bibi girl. I will not promise you tat I will learn how to cook your favorite Adobo. I don't want to disappoint you. But I will drive anywhere just to get you To gos . I won't forget to remind you of your medications every night of your life. And I will not get tired of complaining with your over the top drinking habits. 

I'm forever yours, 


Happy First Anniversary! tsup! tsup! 

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