Tuesday, November 15

I tried.

I want to make use of this time to tell how much you mean to me. I have to blame the weather. The rain reminded me of the two months you were here. The time we spend the day in your room listening to the rain talking about our plans for the next day. Made me wished that I was back to the time when I can still punch you when you're being your normal self, crazy.

It's sad to think that we're in a long distance relationship for fourteen months. But I'm happy that we can manage to have time for each other despite the time difference. (especially now.. DST ended) Even though you have to rest because of a long day at work, you stay awake just to talk to me. That even if I wake you up after 6-7 hours of sleep, you still smile and tell me you had a good night sleep even if I know you could use some more of it. You've sacrificed a lot, you know. working double shifts just to save more money, and give more time for me. I thank you for that.

We both know that I can't contribute. (you know what-)  As much as I want to try to, it's really not enough. You always tell me that "it's okay, I can handle it." I wanna help too, but in my current position, it is going to be really hard. When I get there, I promise.

I am not asking you to be your world. I just want to be your favorite part. Everything I am not, that's what you are. You fill the tiny gaps of my imperfections. I know you're not really aware of it but, you really taught me a lot in this life. This is just a start... a prelude of what's to come. I'll be strong don't worry. I know you're with all the way anyway. :)

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