Tuesday, December 6

i don't feel like going to work tomorrow.

I'm here in my room, it's dusk and I'm in a dilemma whether to do something productive or just lay here in my bed and do nothing. We just finished watching The Exorcist. Juvi called me up to tell me that I'm on a mid-shift at work tomorrow since she has to go to the agency tomorrow for her work in Singapore. I really feel happy for her. I mean come on, every one wants to work abroad. Sabi nga nila, mas may future tayo sa labas ng Pilipinas.

Been thinking of doing the same since I can't make much of my salary here. But Jeff's stopping me from doing so. he said that if I can wait a little longer, he can get me a ticket to SFO and maybe, just maybe I can go there and have a decent job with him. Well, because I love and it sounded like a good plan, I'm trying to hold on to this job until I can. But sometimes, it's not the case.

The feeling of doing the same things over and over again makes my life so boring. I wouldn't find it boring if it weren't for the pay. I'm really enjoying working there. But it's not enough. I just wished the time will just fast forward and viola!, it's time for me to get to that plane.

But thinking of leaving my family and this place behind is really sad. But if that's the only way to live the life I wanted, why not?

just to cut the story short:

  • I am really bored at my over-work and under-paid job.
  • I want to get out of this house and learn to live on my own.
  • I need/want to get to San Francisco to be with him finally. 
  • I need a job that satisfy my needs. (you know what i'm saying?)

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