Tuesday, December 6

My 2011 Christmas Wishlist.

Been doing this every year though I know I won't be getting all of it anytime soon. But the heck, I can dream.
It's a short list since I'm not really expecting anything for Christmas. Except for the 32 Gb Ipod Touch in White that someone promised me he'll get. (You know who you arrrrreeee..)

Been looking for a good Primer these past few months. I've been using the one from Revlon's and well, it's been very helpful but there are times that my skin feels so heavy after I put it on. i'm not sure if it's because I put a lot of gunk in my face. hmm.. It's a Mac, it suppose to be good. right?

Not really a fan until Boyfriend made we watched the Second Season. I don't have time watching TV! Well, I wished I had a copy of Fringe, and True Blood but... I'd settle for this one first. I've never felt this hooked in a series before. i'm not a Gossip Girl fan but I like Chuck Bass mind you. hehe. But really, I could use a new hobby. instead of sleeping my ass off on my day offs, maybe I can start watching TV instead.

Been planning to get this baby last month. But it's so expensive! I got a cheaper one from this Korean Store, Etude house but i'm am bit disappointed. The bristles started to fall off after using it twice plus it doesn't blend the foundation very well. :( I wanted to get a sponge but afraid that I might get allergies again since sponges get germs. i don't want to ruin my already ruined peyz. heh.

It's packed with tons monosodium glutamate in this can of Fried Onions! Boyfriend got this for me when he realized that I should get some new pulutan to pair up with my Tanduay Ice. I like Onion rings. no, I LOVE 'em. Well, it's like you onion rings but crushed and a lot more salty. it's good on top of your hot rice. you can put it in your veggie soup too if you like. I like to much on it while watching TV. or everytime I drink. I would love anyone who can get me a box of these! :D

Been a fan of Analog Photography ever since I laid my hands on my Diana Mini. Got a little frustrated when I found out that I can't change it's lens. but it's okay, she shoots really fine. Just when I thought Analog SLRS are cheap because of the huge demand for Digitals, i checked online for the price of this thing right here.. it's $399! Wow man. I could get a 64 Gb Ipod with it. well anyway, i still want to have it. I like the idea of not excitement when you shoot with a manual SLR. you don't get to see the actual picture until the negative are developed. 

I really really wanted to try Black and White Photography. 'nuff said. :D 

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