Tuesday, January 24


Yesterday was our 16th month. If you're counting year it'll not count. let me do this post anyways. I'm trying to put into words how much I feel for this guy. He still loves me more than I love him. Unfortunately, he's still crazy and a pain in the butt sometimes. But I adore him to bits. 

Yesterday was the same as always. We spent time online talking about anything and everything. I remember we talked about Lapu-Lapu and Magellan. That's one think I like about Us, we can talk and talk all day everyday and never get tired of each other. We talked about our plans in the future. Something we're not sure of. (heck, we need spontaneity here. that should give spice to everything)

It was a normal day but knowing that we're still together after all this time despite the distance, it was hella good. :) 

Bibi, Thank you. please don't get tired of me. 

Bibi gerl.  

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