Tuesday, July 24

Baker Beach - San Francisco, California

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I planned to stay indoors thinking that we can clean his house just in time for the movie. He's a huge Batman fan. There was a time at a mall that we almost bought this $30 worth of DJ headphones and sweater. Good thing I only have $20 in my wallet and the sweater is for girls only. I kinda dig the hoodie though. Well, we almost started cleaning the house until my best friend which happened to be my boyfriend's sister planned an impromptu trip to San Francisco... to that beach where you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. Thinking that it's a good time hanging out with his family, we decided to tag along. Plus, I wanted to use Diana, My Lomo cam whose been hanging out with the dust in his drawer.

It was a Sunny day Sunday yesterday but I had to wear a jacket because it's so windy. I always wear a jacket since I got here. I get chilly easily, I had to sleep with a comforter every night. The weird thing here is when it's Summer, its really really hot. Not like Manila-hot. When the weather reaches 80 degrees, you don't  want to go outside. It suffocates you, you don't get sweaty at all, but it's really hot. It melts your brains. But when night time comes, it's very cold. very weird huh?

I'm really not sure why but I noticed that the water here in California is really cold. I wanted to take a dip but nevermind. It's ice cold. I wonder if its like that in Florida. Now I wanted to go back in Boracay.

Anyway, here's some of the pictures taken yesterday. Actually Jeff's planning to take me here before heading back to Manila. Now, I got what I wanted. :)

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