Friday, July 20

The countdown starts..

I only have a month to go then I'll be heading back to Manila. There goes my plans of staying here for good. The parents asked me to go back so they can re-new their US visa. So I can too. They told me I can always go back once I got a new visa. Come to think of it, I've got nothing to do here so why waste time doing nothing? I can't even work here. But to be honest, since I'm staying away from home, I learn to quite few things. The boyfriend taught me how to cook, I do his laundry and mine every two weeks (or whenever I need a new set of undies), I learn to change soiled diapers (my bestfriend has a one year old tot now) that's just some of the things but basically I learned how to do things on my own. I felt like I can be organized not only at work. hihihi.. I'm a bit O-C at my workplace.

I wonder... when I get home, it's gonna be back to normal. I'm going to be that boring person again going out every afternoon to the mall getting Takoyaki and Yakisoba. Drinking Tanduay Ice every other night while munching on chicharong bulaklak. I'll be that boring girl waiting for her Ipad to ring. I'll stay up all night just to wait for him to wake up. There's that time difference again. <I'm hearing Simple Plan's song in the background>

Been doing mental plans for that day too. On what to do when I get back home. I'm planning to get some stuff so I can decorate my room. Thinking of what to do during my free time. maybe some books. <sigh>

Maybe I'll go road tripping? I don't know. Maybe get a job? hehehe.

I don't really wanna go home. everyone knows that. I'm trying to be optimistic by thinking that when I go home, I can pimp my room. Thinking that I can hang out with my friends again. That I can have kwek kwek and Takoyaki with that cold Tanduay Ice. I don't want to but I have to. That's two different things I guess.

Jeff and I have plans of living together and we need to straighten out some things. sa madaling salita, kailangan namin ng pera. Like business we need capital to start a life. So basically that's the reason why I have to go home. While I'm here he can't save money (lalo na ako... bilmoko ako e) and I can't get a job here anyway..  so yeah.. that's the reason..  14.2

I hope everything will be better. We'll be apart for I don't know how long... and I am not sure what it'll do for me. Hope it won't last long. 

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