Monday, September 10

A day in the life: Renewing a Philippine Driver's License.

Today I wished I'm living in the US. I found out that a month before your license expires, they will send you through mail a copy of your driver's license. No need to go to your nearest DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) wait in line... If there's one. DMV is LTO (Land Transportation Office) in the Philippines. It's very convenient for busy people like me who spends their life lounging in the couch and watching cooking shows. But seriously, I wish I was living in the States.

Going back, last night I was in the net trying to find out where the nearest Renewing office in the Muntinlupa Area. I found out that there's two. One near SM Muntinlupa and the other at ATC. I figured out that I can go to ATC since I'm going to have my film rolls developed too. I also search the to dos and what to bring. I need my old license with the original receipt, I also have to undergo another drug testing and an extra government issue ID... Just in case. How the thing works is exactly in this order. You go and fill up the LTO form, get drug tested, have your picture taken, pay the fee and the penalties if you have one. In my case, I have to pay extra since my license is expired since June. And then, you wait until your new license is released. Simple huh? But the problem is... The queue you have to be in when you get there. And pray that their computer's not down. Or else.

I wanted to go early in the morning to get first in the line but I woke up at 10:30 AM. There goes my plan. I'm not a morning person, you know.

So I shall try again tomorrow.

What's worse than getting a long line in a Government office? It's waking up really late.

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