Tuesday, September 11

A Day In The Life: Renewing a Philippine Driver's License (Part 2)

...and this is it.

The Miss bibo-kid in me reigned so I was able to wake up early today. 7am is early for me so don't argue. So there I was running late. I wanted to get to the office at 8 in the morning, I don't wanna fall in line plus, I haven't got any breakfast yet. I arrived in the Renewal Center (or whatever you call that place) at around 8:30. Like what I read yesterday, You need to fill out a form then to the drug testing. pay the fee... blah... blah... There's a line, Like 5 people before me. It was swift actually. It wasn't so bad until it's my turn for my urine sample. Not being a fan of water and other fluids, I wasn't able to fill the bottle! That's fine I guess. But I had to get myself a 20 pesos worth of water that they sell on the site. (Why not free? boo.) I had to wait another 30minutes just to pee. Well, during the wait, I had medical so that's okay. I think I lost about 30mins of my waiting time. After I got all the documents I needed, I went immediately to LTO. It took me less than an hour to process my actual license. (a round of applause please) Everything took and hour and a half which is great.

I'm kinda disappointed with my picture though. I'm like making pa-cute. So I have to wait another three years to get this replaced.

and since I finished early, I met up with my mom to have our hair colored. I chose the red violet just because. I'm having a weird phase and I want anything red. I have no idea if it's going to look good on me so just figure it out.

I still look normal though. I need a new webcam. =)

And I got new books too! I saw this Star Wars book at Booksale and remembered my boyfriend loves Star Wars. He's not really a fan of books but maybe he'll consider reading this one. I haven't really started reading it. Apparently, this one is the continuation of the final installment of the series: The Return of the Jedi. and I got the first volume. I hope I can find the next one. Been planning to collect Star Wars novels. A good investment I guess. :) The Vagina Monologues. Yes, I've been wanting to watch the broadway they had here before but I've got no time. When I stumbled on this book earlier, I couldn't get my eyes off it. I needed to buy it. Reading it right now and I must say, it's very enlightening. =)

So there. I guess, I've got to go back on my reading now.

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