Thursday, September 13

Still holding on. :)

Ten more days. I'm pretty excited. :) Oh by the way, did I mention that he's my longest relationship? Well, isn't it obvious? (LOL) but seriously, he is. One year and eight months was the second longest. But enough about that! Let's talk about "the day".

We really don't have plans yet but I'm pretty sure we would end up drinking and chatting over FaceTime like we always do on special occasions. There not much to do. Maybe I'll just come up with something just for a change. I can check some LDR forums on the Internet just to give some ideas. Oh, I totally forgot. I was planning to send him a card. Maybe I'll just drop by the mall to get him something. Well, I wanted to give him something special. It's our second anniversary anyway. Maybe some of my lingerie? Err no.

I feel fine. The crying totally stopped. I still miss him and its just natural for me to feel that way. Good thing Apple came up with FaceTime. I hated how slow Skype is. Though we used Skype and Ymessenger before. I wonder how couple handled everything way back when there's no Internet or telephone yet? Do they exchange dirty talks on the mail? Wow. That would be very weird.

He's still sleeping. It's around eight in the morning. I should wake him up anytime soon. He needs to study.

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