Monday, October 29

Hello World.

You maybe thought that I finally got a job since I've been avoiding writing to you. well, no. I don't have one. yet. But I did give a copy of my resume to Papa. Well, he sort of know someone that knows someone in the Hotel/Casino thing. And he was hoping that person can squish me. I'll take any job. seriously. I just need to do something really productive especially now... that I have no idea when and how am I going to go to the States. (My visa application is still on process and my boyfriend... I can't pressure him to work harder and earn money and get me house in San Francisco. I just can't) I'm actually giving him two years.. I don't mind waiting for another year here.

Anyway,I've been perfectly well. just got back from Tacloban. I went there with the family for my father's birthday. This year he wanted to celebrate it with his childhood friends. He even bought goodies for families who needed help. goodie bags contained rice, canned good and some noodles. Nice huh?

He did managed to get every visitor drunk with beer and Tuba. (some kind of Palm Wine.) and they started dancing to Gangnam Style. it was fun and kinda ridiculous if you know what I mean. but fun. I did enjoy the weekend but I wish I can bring the boyfriend with me. maybe next time. 

next time. 

okay I'm tired. I wanna drink! 


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