Monday, December 12

13 more days.

fa la la la la~

I'm getting really excited that Christmas is coming once again. It's the time of the year again. Overflow of food and alcohol. Too bad I have work. I got more priorities unlike the last year. I'm working of Christmas day and New Year's eve. I feel a little bad because i've been planning to spend the holidays in the US with Jeff and his family. But we have to wait since we don't have enough money to come up with my trip. I will make sure that I can spend the next year's Yule with him. (Halllow! NYC!)

I'm here at the office waiting for my time out. My shift will be over in an hour and a half. It's my day off tomorrow and yeah! I can finally drink after a 6 long day at work. :D will stay up late so I can upload my second roll of Lomo film. I'm getting really addicted to this lomo thing-y.

Will get a new ipod touch on Wednesday.. a gift from ze boyfriend. ;)


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