Wednesday, December 14

Looking back to College.

I miss a lot of things. It's just been a year. But it feels like a very long time. It's been six years ago. That was the first time I felt freedom. My parents had to pay a driver to get me to and from school way back in Highschool. Sure I can go with a school bus but Mom doesn't like the idea of me getting late because I'm the last stop.

When it was time for me to be on my own, the feeling's exhilarating. I didn't get to have a dorm like most of my classmates, I can get by commuting everyday.... and I love bus rides.

I miss everything College. Pep Rally when UAAP Season opens,  When I get to eat anywhere because I can go out of campus for lunch breaks, switching rooms every class and having a different set of classmates on each one of them, getting drunk on Friday nights, school tours, seminar, free cuts, school programs, holidays means no school days, term breaks, summer vacations, and everything has to do with studying.

When you finally get a job, that's when your life starts. Back then I told myself, "By the time I reach 25, that's when I'll earn my first million." Well, I'm 23 now. turning 24 in 6 months. and I have 4,500 pesos in my savings. I don't even have a saving account! I sometimes feel sorry for myself. I could've given my best. I should've focused more in studying. I could've listen more. But in the end, everything was my decision. I decided to drop out of college, it was decision to take on a different degree. Every night that I got drunk/stoned/slushed/wasted was my decision. And I'm not regretting any of it. If those things never happened, I wouldn't be this wiser. I may not earn my first million in half a year, but I am very positive that I'm going to have the life I've always dreamed of.

and by the time I reached 50, I'm in Prada admiring the beauty of Europe. =) 

Back when I can still join a beer drinking contest.
When all I can think of is boys, alcohol and whether to go to class
or not.
(I'm the one in a Khaki cargo)

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