Saturday, June 9

On Horrible Bosses.

I saw a post from a use-to be colleague. She was ranting about her boss that work gets a lot more stressful whenever they're in the same shift. I couldn't help but to smile. I admit, it's hell when that boss is around. I hated her when she's not in the mood but it gets a whole lot better when she gets chocolates and cigarettes... if you get what I mean. and I'm not kidding, she loves those.

I remember working on a PM shift, I was dead tired and could no longer think straight. In my former job, I file telex messages from HKG and other ports to their designated folders. the files are distributed according to the flight numbers for that day. Well, the flight numbers are the same every single day so the filing gets easier.

I was doing my own thing then she came. I hated it when she goes to work. She very demanding, unpleasant, not very approachable. People hesitate to talk to her because of her character. She's like that itch on your back you couldn't get your hands on. Or that screeching sound your nails make in the chalk board. She's not annoying really, well it can get to that when starts talking. You should hear her voice. It's very.. I should say.. unique?

I wish I can describe you what my favorite boss looks like or how she does things. I admit I hated her guts but she's my favorite. One of my favorites actually. She can be a pain in the ass back then but I learned a lot from her. I mean come on! I did endure a lot of PM shifts with her. not to mention the flights in those days were either a.) Delayed. b.)Delayed c.)nothing. just plain Delayed. During free time, whenever she's free, she would teach me things about work. mostly technical. I loved her because of that.

I came to love her because of the things other people hated about her. I don't know, a little miss maybe?

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