Wednesday, July 18

What's it like?

So, the last time I wrote about me being away from home was like 3 months ago. next month I'll be heading back home. back to my usual lifestyle. But until the plane I'm taking gets here, I shall make the most out of it. I've kinda adjusted here. But to be frank, I'm still a sissy when it comes to talking to strangers, from the neighbors to the Vietnamese girl at Lee's Sandwiches. I am not even sure if she's Vietnamese! I don't know, maybe that what's wrong with me. I am really shy. okay. But i'm aside from that I'm doing just fine.

I've been making mental plans about how to get through life for the next few months because I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long long long wait for me to get my ass back here. To be honest, yeah... I have plans of staying here for good. COME ON! this is America for crying out loud. who wouldn't want to live here if they have a chance? 

It's just that right now, I feel really sad at the thought of living away from him for the next i-don't-know-and-i-have-no-idea-how-long x number of months. If my visa application will go smoothly maybe by the middle of next year. But I am positive that I won't be able to celebrate Christmas here. 

But for now, it's time to watch another movie. 

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